Remax 5 USB Charger 6A RU-U1

Remax 5 USB Charger 6A RU-U1

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Price: 1000


Color Name:Black / White

Model: RU-U1

Brand: REMAX

Plug Type: EU plug

Color: Black , White

Type: Charger Station

Output: USB-1 DC 5V-1.0A

USB-2 DC 5V-1.0A

USB-3 DC 5V-1.0A

USB-4 DC 5V-2.1A

USB-5 DC 5V-2.4A

Input: AC100~240V 50/60Hz

Total Output: DC5V-5.2A(MAX)

Size: 750mm*60mm*33mm (L*W*H)

1. Strong ABS plastic shell, resistance to fire,fall and shock.

2. Adopting smart charger chip,stable discharge voltage and effectively improve charge conversion.

3. Suitable for USB devices such ascellphone, tablet PC, Camera, MP3 Player, Bluetooth Speaker,etc.

4. Using five USB port design,support maximum 2.4A fast charging and 5 electronic products charging at the same time.

5. With double USB port, support charge two USB devices at the same time, USB-5 maximum support 2.4A current charging, USB-2 maximum

support 1.0A current charging.