LCD Glue Removing Liquid

LCD Glue Removing Liquid
LCD Glue Removing Liquid
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250ml MECHANIC LOCA Removing Liquid Clean Glue for repair Cell Phone LCD Screen

This item can be used in the repairing mobile phone LCD screen of Samsung, iPhone and so on, it can quickly remove the LOCA glue, nice tool and assistance, no any damage to the LCD screen.

Please apply to both sides, wait a few seconds while the super glue softens, and then use a knife or dust-free cloth to rub it slowly.

Name: LOCA Removing Liquid


Model: MCN-250

Condition: Brand New From Factory

Capacity: 250ml

Shelf life: 2 Years


1. Quick remove the OCA completely

2. No any causticity to the circuit of the LCD screen

3. Clean the LCD screen completely

4. Easy to operate, convenient to use



1. Keep ventilation well and put off fire when using.

2. Store this in dry and cool place below 10-25.

3. Keep away from children.

Package Content:

1 X LOCA Removing Liquid

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